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GHR PLATINUM FOR MEN ™ - NEW!!  America’s #1, natural and organic Human Growth Hormone supplement specifically designed just for men.  No hormones, no known side effects, no HGH, no GMOs and Gluten Free. Doctor formulated with clinically proven ingredients to help men look and feel 10 to 20 years younger by increasing the masculine body’s own “youth hormone” known as HGH. GHR Platinum FOR MEN ™  is carefully enhanced with Ultratropin ™ for testosterone support, increase sexual performance, block estrogen, promote muscle growth, improve prostate health, enhance athletic performance and block DHT to prevent hair loss.  Developed with an organic blend by Dr West from the American Academy of Anti Aging.  As heard on national radio from the "Grow Young with Dr West" show.  Each bottle contains 40 veggie capsules.

MULTI PLATINUM ™ - Dr West’s Anti Aging Multi Platinum contain vitamins and minerals to support a well-balanced nutritional diet, plus an organic fruit and vegetable complex and an anti aging complex that helps fight the symptoms related to aging.  Each Multi Platinum bottle is a 90 day supply (90 capsules). Includes: Organic Fruit and Vegetable Complex: Broccoli, Mangosteen, Carrot, Blueberry, Kale, Acai Fruit, Spinach. Anti-Aging Blend: Co-Q10, Spirulina, Green Tea, Rose Hips, Wheat Grass, Citrus Bio-flavonoid complex, Hyaluronic Acid.

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